What's Link-Up?

We would like to introduce you to a new way of understanding culture and show you the pleasure of entering into a new audiovisual dimension.

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TV & Cinema

A TV and Cinema production company with vocation to coproduce, mostly with Latin American countries where it has associated partners.


A worldwide service company, working with Movie Magic budgeting & scheduling.

Integral Service

A company that provides project development services, working on all the documentation (including budget) to apply for Spanish, European and Latin American funds.

Our Projects


"Homage to Orwell. Continental Diaries". Doc. 70'.
Director and screenwriter: Nuria Saura

A path through the places where George Orwell found inspiration to his works.


"Barcelona" TV Series – 7 episodes.
Coproduction Spain/France

A women's revolution with the aim lowering the price of the coal that last from the 7th until the 4th of January of 1918.


"Debbie" Feature Film 90'. Thriller/Horror.
Coproduction Mexico/Germany/Spain.

A woman discovers that her daughter has memories from a past life.



"Expansivas" Feature Film 90'. Thriller/Horror.
Coproduction Argentina/Spain

A story about two sisters, Flavia and Ana, that meet again years after their mother's death.

A little bit about me

Teresa Enrich is a professional in audiovisual production with more than 20 years of experience. She has participated in co-productions with France, Germany, USA, Hong Kong, Mexico, Peru, Panama, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, among others.

She has been Vice-President of the Spanish Film Academy under the chairmanship of Alex de la Iglesia and currently a consultant member of the Academy in the specialty of production.

She has been Director of the Catalan Institute of Cultural Enterprises and Director of International Strategic Projects of the Department of Culture of the Government of Catalonia.

Among his latest productions is the mini-series CARTA A EVA, which among other awards has won the best miniseries at the New York Festival, Montecarlo, Argentina, Biarritz. He has obtained the Gaudí from the Film Academy for the best mini fiction series.